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October 24, 2016

Evolving Fashion

Woman have lots of different types of clothing available to them and one of the most popular of those is a blouse.

A blouse is a article of clothing which is loose fitting and is worn on the upper part of the body. It is common for a blouse to be held at the waist by a belt of some sort so that it hangs loosely over the belot.

A blouse is typically referred to as a female shirt. The term blouse is often used to classify articles of clothing, such as shirts, which look very feminine.

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Blouses weren’t really a popular article of clothing for woman until the 1890′s. They became more of a informal and pratical piece of clothing during these times.

Blouses are usually made of either cotton or silk. Other distinctive aspects of them are that they may or may not have collars and sleeves.